32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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The Massageof Ayatollah Sobhani to thr 29th Islamic Unity Conference

635 2015/12/29

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise belongs to the Lord of the Universe, and pease and greeting to Prophet Mohammad and his immaculate household and his righteous companions.

As-Salaamu Alaykum.

I would like to extend my congratulations to you brothers and sisters present in the Islamic Unity Conference on the occasion of the birthday of the Holy Prophet Mohammad bin Abdollah (peace be upon him) and his dear grandson, Imam Jafar Sadegh (p.b.u.h.). I pray to God Almighty for your ever-increasing success.

God Almighty describes the Prophet and his followers as such: “Mohammad is the messenger of God, and those who are with him are strict on the pagans and kind towards each other”.

This sentence has been descended upon the prophet as an affirmative sentence indicating an advice for something; men of letters say that expressing an order or request in the form of an affirmative sentence is more emphatic.

If this is a duty in place since the descent of the revelation, then are Muslims around the world fulfilling their duties, or maybe the reverse is the case where Muslims are “strict on the believers” or maybe some Muslims are being “kind” to the pagans and Zionists who have occupied the sacred Islamic land and desecrated its sanctities?

The proof is the fact that instances of war from around the world are just emerging in the Islamic countries, particularly Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen. We are witnessing explosions and devastation of vita facilities and massacre of defenseless women and children on a daily basis, while Islamic countries and international organizations remain silent vis-à-vis these atrocities and just condemn them.

Under the current circumstances in which Islam and Muslims are inflicted with various plights, it would be appropriate if the smart thinkers who have a vast participation in this conference present solutions to exit from these crises and to prevent shedding the blood of Muslims.

Another pitiful event is the advent of an anarchist group which has nothing to do with Islam and its teachings and principles; a group that is ruling in the name of Islam and has committed the worst crimes seen nowhere in the history except for the Dark Ages.

With its strong logic and laws in terms of insights, orders and ethics, Islam was attracting people in the east and in the west, just as God has said in the holy Quran: “[for God] to grant the Prophet dominance over all other religions”. However, the measures taken by this group has caused non Muslims to develop a wrong understanding of Islam. Nonetheless, God almighty does know how to punish those who provided weapons and financial and media support for such groups.

At the end, I do apologize because my words were full of grief and anguish. I seize the opportunity to once again congratulate you on these two felicitous occasions and to welcome you to Iran, which can be considered your own country.

Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.


Jafar Sobhani

The holy city of Qom

Imam Sadegh Instiute


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