32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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–Mansoor Ajman (Iraq):  Terrorism is threatening the regional countries; therefore, both the governments and the nations should be vigilant. I suggest an anti terrorism organisation be founded and at the same time the religious authorities play a more effective role.

2015/12/28 11:37

Good Offices Committee

The Committee on Good Offices was held on Sunday presided by Ayatollah Taskhiri and attended by Sheikh Badroddin Hassoon and Dr Tebra`ian as well as the members of the Committee.

The attendants called for all-out support for resistance parties in order to realize the goals set out in the Charter of the International Union of the Resistance Supporting Parties. 

The following issues were raised in this committee on the first day of the conference (Sunday, 27 December 2015): 

We Muslims should consider that the holy Prophet went through many problems and difficulties to unite the people of the society.  

We in Jordan strongly emphasise the importance of unity among all Muslims 

“Islam Prophet (PB UH) was always after securing and promoting unity in the Islamic countries, “ said Iraq Foreign minister.  

The root cause of the current crises is the excessive demands of arrogant powers. There are powers that seek division among Muslims. 

No home in Muslim world safe from terror attacks 

“Preserving unity in the here and now is required more than any other times,” underlined Iran President Hasan Rouhani.