31th International Islamic Unity Conference

5-7 DECEMBER , 2017

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Celebration of five outstanding figures concerning the proximity of Islamic schools of thought

518 2015/12/29
Celebration of five outstanding figures concerning the proximity of Islamic schools of thought

Five outstanding figures in terms of the proximity of Islamic schools of thought were appreciated and celebrated in a ceremony attended by dignitaries of the International Forum of Islamic Schools of Thought.

 On the third day of the 29th Islamic Unity Conference, in a special ceremony for ‘celebrating outstanding figures involved in proximity’, attended by Ayatollah Araki (the secretary general of the WFPIST) and a number of proximity scholars, the following dignitaries were celebrated and commended: Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr, Aytollah Sheikh Mohammad Mehdi Asefi, Ameneh Bentolhoda Sadr, Dr Ayesheh Abdorrhman, and Fathi Yakan. The event took place in Esteghlal Hotel, Tehran.

In this ceremony, some gifts were awarded to the families and representatives of the proximity figures present at the venue.

Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr

Martyr Ayatollah Sayyed Mohammad Bagher Sadr was one the greatest Muslim thinkers throughout the history of Islam, especially in the 14th century in the hijri calendar. Imam Khomeini said he was “the think tank of Islam”. Sadr was a qualified jurist (faqih), a social philosopher, a great commentator, a thinker aware of his culture and times, a profligate writer, and a smart and clever politician. 

Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Asefi

Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Asefi was a Muslim scholar and a social and religious activist. He had some books on fiqh, ususl, commentary, philosophy, and economy. He actively opposed the Iraqi Baath regime.

Ameneh Bentohod Sadr

The Martyr Bentolhoda was born in the month of Moharram. Right from her childhood, she was familiar with patience and jehad because she was born in the month of woes and difficulties and just six months after her birth, her father passed away.

Dr Ayesheh Abdorrahman

Dr Ayesheh Abdorrahman known as ‘Bent al-Shati’ was born in 1913 in Egypt. She married Amin Khooli and was always influenced by him, to the extent that she dedicated most of her writings to him.

Sheikh Dr. Fathi Yakan (February 9, 1933 – June 13, 2009) was an Islamic cleric who held a seat in the parliament of Lebanon in 1992. He was born in Tripoli. He was among the pioneers of the Islamic movement in the 1950s and the head of the Islamic Action Front (Lebanon). He is regarded as the Islamic Group (Al Jema`ah Islamiyah)'s grandfather and leading ideologue.

He initiated a political effort between Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and his allies on the one hand, and the opposition on the other hand in a bid to end the rule crisis in the wake of the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon.

Sheikh Yakan was married to Mona Haddad with whom he had established a private Islamic university, Al-Jinan University. He has written more than 35 books, some of which were translated into many languages. Yakan died on June 13, 2009 after he was admitted to the Hotel Dieu Hospital a day earlier.

The 29th Islamic Unity Conference with the title “Current Crises of the Islamic World” will be concluded tonight after issuing a final statement.


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