32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Mehmet Gurmez at 29th Islamic Unity Conference:

332 2015/12/27
Mehmet Gurmez at 29th Islamic Unity Conference:

No home in Muslim world safe from terror attacks 

 Mehmet Gurmez, Head of Religious Affairs Organization of Turkey, attended 29th Islamic Unity Conference underway in Tehran praising the leader, government and nation of Iran for their unifying effort to hold the annual Islamic Unity Ocnference calling the conference as the convention of thoughts which aims to discuss Islamic fraternity and morals, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

 He referred to the present situation in the world of Islam and said,” At present we are witness to wide range of religious violence by all enemies of Islam when intrigues and dispersion are hurting the whole world of Islam.” Expressing concern over the critical situation in Syria, Yeman, Nigeria and some other Islamic states as clear examples for the crisis.

 Turkish official in this conference denounced the crimes committed by Takfiri terrorists and noted,” During the past years Takfiri groups have committed different forms of crimes and at present no home in the world of Islam is safe from terror attacks.”

 He said the present situation in the world of Islam is due to dispersion and we have to investigate into the reasons why criminals commit these crimes under the name of Islam.”

 Head of Religious Affairs stressed,”Our convention is a gathering for unity; hence, it is necessary that we aim our individual cooperation in line with realization of benefits for all Muslims and not our personal interests.”


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