32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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'Preserving unity is required more than any other times'

294 2015/12/27
'Preserving unity is required more than any other times'

“Preserving unity in the here and now is required more than any other times,” underlined Iran President Hasan Rouhani. 

 Giving speech in the opening ceremony of the 29th eddition of the Islamic  Unity Confernce , Iran Presidnet Hasan Rouhani extended his congradulation on Islam Prophet’s (PBUH) and Imam Sadeq’s (PBUH) anniversary birthday.

 “We celebrate Islam Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday in a mulieu that preserving unity and rapproachement is required more than any other time,” pointed out Rouhani.

Iran President beckoned to enemies’ willful attempt in projecting a faked image of Islam Prophet (PBUH) and concocting various plots to  plunge Muslims in a plagued situaions and trigger showdown among them.

President highlighted melignant measures of Takfiri and extrimist groups in bombarding Muslims nations and shedding the blood of defenceless people stressing, “In this critical situation, religious clerics are shouldered by a heavy reponsibilities.”

According to Rouhani, only through unity Muslims can team up and counter enemies’ moves in the region and in the World of Islam.

The 29th edition of the International Islamic Unity Conference opened in Tehran on Sunday morning with hundreds of Shiite and Sunni scholars as well as ministers of Muslim countries in attendance.

Attendees at the conference include educated Muslim figures, ministers of Islamic countries, clerics, scholars and representatives of scientific and cultural circles from Iran and across the world. The main purpose of the event is to discuss ways to promote unity and solidarity in the Islamic world and bring closer views of Muslim clerics and scholars’ on diverse religious issues.

The gathering will also focus on problems that have beset the Islamic world, particularly the threat posed by the Takfiri thoughts and sectarianism.


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