32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Committee on Examining the Current Circumstances of the Islamic World

367 2015/12/28
Committee on Examining the Current Circumstances of the Islamic World

–Mansoor Ajman (Iraq):  Terrorism is threatening the regional countries; therefore, both the governments and the nations should be vigilant. I suggest an anti terrorism organisation be founded and at the same time the religious authorities play a more effective role.

 – Abdol-Ghayyoom Sajjadi (Afghanistan): International developments have created both threats and opportunities. The developments have occurred at three levels: nature of issues, players, and environment. The current threats include: Islamophobia, division, and secularisation of religious societies. I suggest that a Union of Islamic Scholars be established in order for scholars from various denominations to explain true Islam for the public.

– Mahfooz Rahman (Bangladesh): I suggest that a branch of the Proximity Forum should be founded in Bangladesh; another proposal is that we answer the questions raised in the society through small books.

– A guest from Syria: The problem of the Islamic society is that the masses are not sufficiently aware; for example, many Syrians did not resist the ISIL forces because they did not know what these terrorists were pursuing.

– Sa`eed Shahabi (Bahrain): The enemies are trying to show that the terrorists are Islamic jihadists.

– Various Islamic denominations jointly believe in the principles of Islam. Also, in the holy Qur`an there are many verses that address “all people” in general, not the Muslims exclusively. We [scholars] should be scholars of the religion, not scholars of discord and division.

– Haj Moosa Ghadri (Friday Pryaer Leader, Paveh): Just as we managed to stand against the crusaders and Mongols and others, we can stand against ISIL (Daesh) if we get united. We should begin with intellectual fight.

– Let’s not listen to the western media only. As long as we do not sit together to talk face to face with each other, others [i.e. enemies of Islam] will seize the opportunity to their own interests.

– Sheikh M. T. Mowla (Iraq): I suggest certain textbooks be prepared in which we prohibit killing other human beings and excommunicating others. Furthermore, we should develop more tolerance in our societies.

– Suggestion: There are sentences in Fiqh books which do not have a constructive effect on “proximity”; these sentences should be removed. Also, the propositions which have no reliable, proved references should be replaced by reliable, valid ones.

– The unity of various Islamic denominations is not possible unless we exercise “mutual respect”.


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