32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Good Offices Committee

335 2015/12/28
Good Offices Committee

The Committee on Good Offices was held on Sunday presided by Ayatollah Taskhiri and attended by Sheikh Badroddin Hassoon and Dr Tebra`ian as well as the members of the Committee.


Important issues of the Islamic world were discussed in this Committee. Sheikh Badroddin Hassoon spelled out the situation in Iraq and Syria and said: “We have opened our hearts and are ready to reconcile with all our Syrian brothers”. 

The chair of the Committee noted that what is said in the meeting is not intended for the reconciliation between the dignitaries in the session, rather the aim is to resolve the problems of the people in Nigeria, Palestine, Yemen, and elsewhere in the Islamic world.

It is suggested that a Supreme Council of Seminaries be established comprising Shia and Sunni scholars.

It is suggested that a committee concerning the Nigerian issues be established and the same committee travel to Nigeria in order to help resolve their problems.

It is suggested that a committee be established to travel to Egypt and meet with Al Azhar officials to discuss the development of unity among Muslims.


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