31th International Islamic Unity Conference

5-7 DECEMBER , 2017

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مبارزه با تروریسم تا محو همه اشکال آن ادامه یابد /کشتار مسلمانان تمدن نیست/هدف اول استکبار و صهیونیسم فرصت سوزی از طریق اختلاف افکنی میان کشورها، اقوام و مذاهب منطقه است/ شیعه و سنی اختلافی ندارند، دو مسیر با یک هدفند

Disscussing curent situation of islamic world, formation of a special committee to handle visits of islamic countries for scholars, thinkers, politicians  and scientists, presenting practical solutions for ongoing challenges and crisis and investigating the Mina Stampede that led to martyrdom of thousands innocent muslims 

2016/12/16 18:19

Media commission held

 In the second day of the Islamic unity conference, media commission was held and took the proposals and viewpoints that participants raised on the role of media in Islamic world.

 Sheikh Alhilali described Takfir as one of the basic questions of the Islamic World and stated today Daesh acts as deadly virus and microbe in the body of Islam. If it is not stopped, it will infiltrate into the body of Islam.

  The  chief of staff of the International conference on Islamic Unity explained programs from 15-17 December.

 The practical and executive decisions to confront with the takfiri forces

WFPIST Deputy Secretary-General for international affairs and spokesman of the Islamic Unity Conference, Manoochehr Mottaki, said in a news conference held this afternoon in Esteghlal Hotel, Tehran: The 29th International Islamic Unity Conference is being held in Tehran while we are witnessing many developments in the international arena, especially in the Islamic world; therefore, the title of the Conference in this year is related to current developments in the Islamic world.