32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Media commission held

670 2016/12/16
Media commission held

 In the second day of the Islamic unity conference, media commission was held and took the proposals and viewpoints that participants raised on the role of media in Islamic world.

According to the taghrib news agency, the commission was chaired by sheikh mehdi alsamidi from Iraq. Deputy chairs were abdolhadi avang from Malaysia and hojatol islam karimian from iran. Commission revolved around 3 issues of media and it’s role in cultural incursion and interaction, written press and the news agencies and their role in opportunities and threats.


the university specialized in media is essential for Islamic world

sheikh mehdi alsamidi, sunni mufti from Iraq and the chair of commission stressed on the role of media in cultural incursion and interaction and stated that unfortunately we failed to take the most of advantage from this capacity, on the other side our enemies are abusing this opportunity to propagate their false and nasty thoughts.

Sheikh mehdi alsamidi stated that in current situation carrying the massage of islam to the world is of the great importance that it will be possible only through paying attention to the media.

The Islamic world needs an university specialized for media to train professional journalists and correspondents to send the real and true message of islam to the world.


Media in hand of ill-wishers

Sheikh faress salibi from Palestine stated that in the current situation, media has fallen into the hand of ill-wishers and added that media should be managed by the people of the press not to get distanced from it’s prime mission that is expression of the fact and the reality.

 Our mission as the scholars of islam is standing against the corrupt thoughts that are propagated by biased media. These thoughts are circulated by hundreds of satellite networks in a guided manner to change mindset of millions of young muslims.


A unity-builder site of shia and sunni should be stablished


Zakaria qamar aldin from Lebanon stated that a huge religious sedition is underway in Islamic world that needs a serious practical solution to get rid of that. Having said that the hands of Americans, Zionists and Europeans is seen clearly behind it.

He adde that the need for a single unity-builder virtual site for shia and sunni is felt in which all ambiguities, skepticisms and misgivings would be responded.

 Sheikh qamar aldin added that a single shia-sunni site can easily respond to religious extremism and can boost unity and convergence.


Media can attract young generation to Islam

Seyed niaz Hussein naghavi from Pakistan stated that only media can convey our goal and thoughts to the world but unfortunately we had ignored this huge capacity.

He added that our prime enemyare USA, Zionist regime and some western countries not our compatriots. But the western and biased medias are promoting the notion that enemy of shia is sunni and enemy of sunni is shia.

He said attraction of the young generation is our prime duty, otherwise they will be attracted by enemies. if we fail to send the real and true Islamic teachings to young generation, they will be exposed to terrorist thoughts.



takfiri media poses more threats than terrorist groups


Iraqi deputy minister of culture stated that situation of Islamic world is different with the past and it is media war that has changed the situation today for us.

 Jabber jaberi stated that terrorism is a cultural phenomenon whose goal and priority are the mindset of the young generation. So it is possible to say it is a solely military current.

The reason of many terrorist group recruitments is our neglection. If we have educated well these youn people, they would have never been attracted by terrorist takfiris.


Anti-islam media presents unrealistic picture of Islam


Professor shakeri stated that many of media that have been launched to tarnish islam are trying to present unrealistic picture of Islam and pretend that violence and terrorism are both originated from Islam. But reality is different because they themselves are the root causes of violence and terrorism.

The launch of a television network is essential to follow up these goals on daily basis.



The necessity of a media assembly in Islamic world


Sheikh jafar Gonzales from spain stated that a media assembly is needed to be established and added that the first resistance front is media soft war.

He said world arrogance and colonialism used to launch media campaign in advance of a military invasion to prepare the ground for their troopers. 


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