32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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In the second day of the conference; The commission on ‘studing the situation of muslim minorities’ held

708 2016/12/16
In the second day of the conference; The commission on ‘studing the situation of muslim minorities’ held

In the second day of the Islamic unity conference in Tehran  The commission on ‘studing the situation of muslim minorities’was  held in December 16th 2016, by the presence of the prominent scholars and pundits in Azadi hotel in Tehran.

In the meeting pundits carried out pathological analysis on the situation of muslim minorities is in different countries.  

According to Taghrib new agency  The commission on ‘studing the situation of muslim minorities’ was chaired by Dr. mohamad al-asemi from USA. Dr. jalaledin rahmat from indonasia and sheikh mohamad saeid nomani were participating also in discussions.  Discussions mostly revolved aroud stuation of muslim minorities in Europe, USA and specially Myanmar. 

 Dr. asemi; the word ‘minority’ is an imported and imposed word. 

At the outset of the meeting Dr. asemi stated that ‘minority’ has some different meaning components  that all depends on our intention. As this word is an imported and imposed word, our comprehension towards it would be definitely of imported and imposed nature that has been shaped by western media.in our own vocabulary there is no place for that. So whenever we use this word infact we are playing in their ground. If we are muslim, in terms of islam there is no minority or majority. Our relationship is not based on numbers and digits. The basis of our relationships is faith in Allah. so in real Islamic society there is no minority or majority.  Unfortunately we are still unknowingly using this imported word irrespective of the role of colonialism in prapogation of this notion.


Sheikh Nomani; using citizens is better than minorities

Usin citizen instead of minority is better because it gives them identity and social responsibility. He also numerated some certain problems of muslims in western countries and called for some solutions  to be put on the table. 


Muslim researcher from Britain; 5 problims of muslims in USA and other western countries.

Ali ramezan alosi said  laws discrepancy, religious differences, traditions inconsistency and power sharing are the main problems of muslims in the west. He added that to overcome these kinds of problems, muslims in these countries unfortunately have shown some acts that totally runs counter to the Islam and in the first place they damage Islam. These irrational acts that have nothing to do with Islam have triggered Islamophobia. That’s why westerners mostly and wrongly think that islam is the religion of violence and war.


Dr. sadeq ali; Islamic governments should carry the voice of myanmar’s muslims to the world.

He said the situation of muslims in Myanmar is very tragic. Genocide of muslim people including women and children  is increasingly taking place in this country on daily basis. Government of Myanmar has also never alload international bodies to enter and investigate the genocide. Myanmar government never let the media to show the dire situation of the country to keep world public opinion in dark side. People of Myanmar have received no support from outside and they are left helpless to die in this genocide. Afew of them who have got the chance to live in camps are left without the essentials of living. This muslim cleric called for all muslims including governments, leaders, official, organizations and NGOs to carry the voice of innocent people of Myanmar to the world public opinion and stop this genocide.


Sheikh zein from Senegal; the mechanism of defending muslim minorities in different countries should be defined.

This sunni scholar refered to the effective role of of such conferences in dealing with the challenges facing Islamic world and added that  Islamic republic of iran, with respect to it’s shining experiences  should formulate an effective mechanism to defend muslim minorities in different countries. In this regard, connection of scholars from qom and najaf can bring about fruitful results. Unfortunately there are some apparently muslim preachers who are wrongly preaching islam to tarnish the true image of islam in the west. Having said that the hand and money of some certain countries are clearly seen behind this tragic scene.

I deem it necessary to educate some capable clerics in local languages of African countries and western countries to prapogate the real islam.


Seyed hasan aleidross;Takfiris and secular governmentsare the main problems of muslim minorities 

Executive secretary of ahlebayt institute of indonasia stated that the secular governments in Islamic countries are sourse of major problems and added that we muslims are treated even in our own countries like foreigners. We are strangers in our own countries because our governments are agaist islam. Their animosity with islam has caused their maltreatment with muslims. 

He dded that the second source of our problems is takfir. Takfiris act against islam and they and their deeds have nothing to do with islam. The sole result of their deeds is damaging islam and muslims. The hands of Zionists and Americans are seen clearly behind takfiris. Their ultimate goal is the same to isolate mulims and push islam to the corner.


Dr. kamel alrefaei categorized muslim minorities into two groups. First group are those who live in Islamic countries and those who live in non-islamic countries. He stated that the aim of world arrogance is dividing shia and sunni. That’s why we clerics should remain vigilant to foil their plots by defending the Islamic resistance and give Palestine priority in this regard.


Sheikh tavakol from germany stated that there are some preachers who are propagating islam in a way that their governments have favored. They are not preaching true islam. They are just securing their respective governments’ interents. That’s why we need freelance preachers.


In the other part of the commission, researchers from USA, AFGHANISTAN, ARGENTINA, IRAN and SENEGAL discussed rights and challenges of muslim minorities, necessity of preserving unity against takfiri forces and radical moves. They also elaborated on the responsibility of governments towards muslim minorities who have fallen victim to suppression.  


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