32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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The chief of executive staff explained side programs of the conference

485 2016/12/16
The chief of executive  staff explained side programs of the conference

  The  chief of staff of the International conference on Islamic Unity explained programs from 15-17 December.

Dr. Mohamadreza Golrou on the sideline of the opening ceremony stated that the 30th Islamic Unity conference started today by the speech that President Rouhani delivered and continued with the speeches of Grand Ayatollah Araki the Secretary General of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts. the conference will manifest huge islamic unity through Zuhr and Asr  Unity Prayers of prominent Shia and Sunni Scholars.

After the unity prayers, conference will continue by holding the 10th supreme Islamic awakening.

He also informed that the Prophet Mohammad’s birth aniversery ceremony will be held in Bahman cultural center by participation of Tehran municipality in the first day of The Unity Week.

Explaining the second day programs, Dr. Golrou stated that 3 specialized commitees will be held on Best Practices, Media and the Situation of the muslim minorities  on December 16th in Azadi Hotel by presence of muslim pundits and scholars.

Dr. Golrou pointed out that Tehran Friday Prayer will be performed also with the presence of this conference Guests. He added that Grand Ayatollah Araki and sheikh Badredin Hasoun syrian Grand Mofti will deliver their speeches in advance of the Friday Prayer ceremons. Dr. Golrou continued to say that on Friday afternoon, 3 adhock comitee also will be held on women affairs, tackling with the challenges facing Islamic Umah and clerics for Resistance meeting.

Dr. Golrou said that the General Assembly will the the final program of the second day of conference.

He added that all guests of the conference will visit Supreme leader Grand Ayatollah Khamenei on Saturday simultaneous with birth anniversary of Prophet Mohamad and Imam Sadiq.

After that there will be a ceremony to commemorate the prominent figures of proximity of Islamic Schools.

He added that the closing ceremony will be held in IRIB Conference Hall on  December 17th  after Maghrib Prayers by the speech that Grand Ayatollah Araki will deliver and the reports that chiefs of commissions will present.the final communiqué in the end will be recited.    


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