32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Commission on ’facing up with the challenges of Islamic world’’ held

652 2016/12/17
Commission on ’facing up with the challenges of Islamic world’’ held

Commission on ’facing up with the challenges of Islamic world’’ was held in the second day of the unity conference which was chaired by Dr. saeid al shahabi, the chief of lebonon’s Islamic unity center.

According to the taghrib news agency, the deputy chairs of the commission were Dr. homayoun hemati, Dr. haj osman jah. The commission discussed 4 issues including Palestine and resistance, takfiri groups and wahabi thoughts, crisis in yaman, Syria, Iraq, Bahrain and….. the unity of Islamic schools of thought and revitalization of the Islamic civilization.


Religiou differences have decreasedin Islamic umah and the political differences have increased


 Alshahabi stated that the main differences today are not among religious schools of thought, but they are mostly political.

He added that the Islam enjoys from numerous ethical values that the more being propagated, the more youth generation will gravitate towards it. Otherwise they will be attracted by the takfiri and terrorist forces.

Alshahabi added that all of us should get prepared for likely changes in conditions. We should spare no efforts to promote pure mohamadi islam to the world.


Solution to the challenges is resistance

Hasan Baghdadi from Lebanon stated that the recent victories that resistance forces have made in the region proved that the people on the ground are fed up with the extremism and takfir and are dreaming of a safe region.

He stated that USA from thousands of miles distance came to the region to fight against so called terrorism but itself helped and supported terrorists and takfiri forces.

He said that the war and bloodshed in the region have hurt both sunni and shia. Even the followers of the other religions have not remained immune of terrorism.

Alshahabi added all this has never made us distracted from the main question of Islamic world, Palestine.

Negligence is the main cause if emergence of takfir


Sheikh abdolnaim from Senegal introduced negligence as the main cause of emergence of takfiri forces and added if people knew that Islam is religion of mercy and civilization-builder, they would have never given it up.

He said during Islamic history there have always been numerous prominent figures that have been the origin of progresses and source of inspiration. One these figures was Imam Mousa Sadr who dispatched yong generation to preach Islam in the world.

Sheikh abdonaim reffered to the influential  character of Imam Khomeini and said he encourages us to safeguard islam fearlessly and raise our voice in the world.


Sectarianism and ethnical bias should be uprooted from the Islamic world


Sheikh ismaeil from zimbabveh stated that in order to stand against takfiris, a single discourse and goal should be chosen to act upon.

He refered to sectarianism and ethnical bias as the main challenges of islam.

Sheikh ismaeil said the results of this conference should be shared with the people of our countries.



Ideological challenges among the young geeration should be taken serious


Sheikh bahaedin from Australia expressed concern about ideological challenges of the young generation should be responded in appropriate manner. He named some other challenges including family and social challenges, ethical challenges, scientific challenges and globalization challenges. The hand of Zionists is seen clearly behind the scene of all these challenges.


If prominent figures in Islamic world reconcile, the Islamic umah live in peace and unity


Sheikh fares salibi from Palestine gave reference to prophet mohamad’s narrative (if scietistists and rules reconcile with each other, umah will do the same) and said rulers and scholars today need peace and reconciliation more than people on the ground. Muslims should know that as long as Palestine faces up with challenge, the Islamic world faces up with challenge.

Skeikh fares stated that I.R.Iran ,as a real Islamic country, unlike some certain arab and Islamic countries who have become accomplice of Zionist regime, has remained real supporter of resistance movements and innocent people. 



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