32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki chaired the ‘’praiseworthy efforts commission’’

710 2016/12/17
Grand Ayatollah Mohsen Araki chaired the ‘’praiseworthy efforts commission’’

Disscussing curent situation of islamic world, formation of a special committee to handle visits of islamic countries for scholars, thinkers, politicians  and scientists, presenting practical solutions for ongoing challenges and crisis and investigating the Mina Stampede that led to martyrdom of thousands innocent muslims 


Peace and reconciliation promotion is the religious duty of muslims

Emphesizing on practical solutions to enhance the unity in islamic world, Grand Ayatollah Araki pointed out to the visits that scholars can pay to different countries as one of the practical steps.he said in this regard  the World Forum for Froximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts can facilitate the trips.

Ayatollah Araki gave reference to some verses in Holy Quran and concluded that belivers are brothers. So one of the most important religious duties of muslims is reconciling between brothers. Secretary general of  World Forum for Froximity of Islamic Schools of Thoughts informed about his efforts to stablish relation with  Al-Azhar university in Egypt. He stated that in the past there have also been some efforts to start relation but all failed. But recently they have responded. We even invited them to participate in islamic unity confference but due to some inconveniencies they failed to come and expressed their regret. It was a positive step that they took.Ayatollah Araki also called for media to prapagate unity, because in this regard there are some in shortcomings.


Scholars should initiate talks


The other speecher of the meeting was Sheikh Hasoun who described situation in islamic world as critical and added that the differences have emerged in three levels of people, scholars and rulers. That’s while alien media are also adding fule to the fire differences. At this juncture, the islamic umah should make peace between rulers, scholars and people. Our duty is presenting a proximal image of islam. Grand Mofti of Syria stated that they claime iran is seeking for secterianism but they know nothing of shia.

There are many people who feel shia is their enemy because they have been briefed by false notions that alien media have propagated against shia. They even are reluctant to talk with shia. They believe shia curses the companions of prophet(PBUH).it is not true. Sheikh hasoun added that islamic society will benefit from the outcome of peace and reconciliation.  There are some certain figures who are totally against peace. When it comes to syria there are dozens who are fighting due to their negligence. But there are some scholars who are reluctant to raise awareness among them and make clarification in this regard.

He said scholars should initiate talks. For example we have numerously asked for talks with Al-Azhar and have expressed our readiness in this regard. We are persueing the same goam in praiseworthy efforts commission.

He added that we have no wayout of this crisis other than reconciliation and compromise. What is going on in some islamic countries has broken our heart. If soul of people matters for us, Arms should be laid down in the first place and talks should begin in the second place. 

In the end he appreciated the visit that was paid by Ayatollah Araki to Syria in this line to boost dialogue.


Knock all the doors for dialogue



The third speecher of the meeting was Sheikh Naim Qassem, second in command of Hezbollah who put emphesis on realism in discussing the current situation in islamic world. He stated that formation of a new commission alone, can’t solve the question. There should be some practical steps to take. When it comes to rulers, they even have no tme to hear our words. We should meet people and scholars to talk. We should knock all the doors to talk. We should elaborate on our reasonings.

The praiseworthy commission should spare no efforts to facilitate the meeting of scholars of different groups. There are some scholars who are afraid of meeting us. This nonsense fear should be eliminated.



Saudis are seeking for hegemoy on islamic centers

Dr. shahabi from Iraq stated that the balance should be maintained in all affairs. He said that the resolution of some questions of the region lies in the global and regional equations.

He warned of saudi’s efforts to stable their hegemony on islamic centers like Al-Azhar  and said some of their efforts have brought results unfortunately.

In other islamic countries ground is prepared to act including india and pakistan. But we should not get satisfied with talks just with scholars, but to the people on the ground also should be given due attention.


Some figures blame shia with division while they know nothing of their  ideology


 DR. KAMAL ALHAHAVI, the egyptian scholar criticised some insular thoughts that are prevailing in some islamic countries and stated that Iran and shia are being criticised in some media but despite of that there are many figures in egept who like to interact and talk with shia iranians.

He said some figures and media try to scare people from shia. My questions to them are that why don’t you talk with shia?

What are you afraid of?

I realy hope to see the members of the commission in egypt to initiate talks with Al-Azhar scholars.


There should be a media for proximity


Sheikh zahir juveid named peace as the most important question of islamic world. Beacause peace is the order that ALLAH has issued and we servents should obey from  him.

You may find talks with rulers impossible but you can talk with thoseinfluential figures  who exert influence on rulers.Sheikh of Al-Azhar also holds good views towards shia, unity and Ahlebayt.

Sheikh juveid stated that today we are witnessing a world war on muslims. Mulim scholars are receiving their needed information from the biased media. That’s why the need for a media that propagate proximity of islamic thoughts is felt more that ever. We shold make this dream come true to save the soul of muslims and foil the plots that zionists and americans have hatched for Islam.


Zionism has defined destruction of islamic civilization as it’s prime mission


Seyed Hassan shebar, the other iraqi speecher of the meeting elaborated on the role of Takfiris to create rift among muslims.

All the acts of Al-qaeda and Daesh run counter to Islam.

While jews regard themselves as superion tribe and are trying to demolish our islamic civilization, ther ares figures are seeking for normalization of ties with zionist regime.

Jews managed to influence in WESTERN COUNTRIES and now they are trying to infiltrate in islamic countries through their corrupt rullers. Today Saudi Arabia acts like Zionist Regime in a way that it is really impossible to differentiate between these two nasty regimes. Saudi arabia founded Al-Qaeda and Daesh to divide muslims. No one can deny the coordination of saudis and zionists on Daesh. Daesh’s duty today is tarnishing the image of islam by the order of zionists. Who on earth can believe that decapitation of people,including women and children will get man closer to GOD?


Iran is the sole country that lets the oppressed people to raise their vioce


Dr.sanaret akbari from Afqanistan reiterated on the unity as the keyword for victory. She said that today in afqanistan proxy war is going on and muslims are killing each other.scholars should issue Fatva and ban the killing of muslims and commission of suicide bombings.

Today in Afqanistan there is no name of peace and tranquility. Insequrity in afqanistan may spill over into other countries. She said we are satisfied with Iran who has given us the floor to raise our voice. 


Muslim scholars should visit the muslim refugees

 Qabachi, the Iraqi scholar stated that the plan of formation of government with the national majority works successfully in iraq and the power is shared among shia, sunni and kurds.

He stated that we managed to form the government and defeat  the religious sedition. Now the only question in Iraq is Takfiri terrorists and Daesh. The reason of our success is toleration. For example, despite the shia majority of Iraqi people, in Najaf(holy shia city) the court rullings are issued based on sunni hanafi. He said the unity is the key of success in our country.

In Iraq there is no limit for unity. Iraq can host the scholars from different islamic thoughts to visit the country and syrian and iraqi displaced people. 


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