32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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Ayatollah Araki said in an interview with the TV channel:

1527 2015/01/07
Ayatollah Araki said in an interview with the TV channel:

What makes the Prophet (pbuh) happy is the Muslim unity.

General Secretary of the World Forum for Unity of Islamic Schools emphasised: 'what makes the Prophet (pbuh) happy is the unity of Muslims and what upsets the Prophet (pbuh), is the division.

Ayatollah Mohsen Araki, General Secretary of the World Forum for unity, on Tuesday in an interview with the TV channel one, 'Eastern Sun' programme, congratulated the coming week of union and said: 'the unity of Muslim Ummah today is important for several reasons. Firstly, the Islamic world suffered from the invasion and colonisation of politics and later with the invasion of West on the cultural invasion, which showed to be the worst of the invasions. In recent years, it has shown its invasion as an economic sanctions and the West sanctions on Iran is not targeting Islamic Republic of Iran only but, all Islamic countries'. He mentioned that all the Islamic countries have Islam in common and said: "the worlds arrogance in this century created Zionist regime in the heart of Islamic world, to use this regime as an instrument to capture Islamic countries and wipe out Islamic identity, because the West finds Islam and Islamic thinking their only rival'. 

Ayatollah Araki continued and pointed to Zionist regime's main goal is to destroy Islamic identity and said: 'the only way that the west can reach its goal is via to destroying Muslims identity and if they were able to achieve that they could dominate Islam; whereby, they have created Zionist regime. 

He added destroying the cities, killing women and children is among the general policy of Zionist regime so that it can create fear in the hearts of Muslim countries and to cover the demands of its own community. Ayat Allah Araki, stressed that a believers will against arrogant's will, would never be abolished, and said: 'the resistance of Islamic society is the will of God, and so if do not unite, the will of God can't takes its position. Moreover, if the Islamic nation becomes segregated that will of resisting the arrogance will not be formed. It is here that we can witness the importance of unity.'

He continued: 'as an opposition to this issue, others believe that we should give in to the will of the West. Now the question arises for those who said "yes" to the west, where have they reached? From the beginning of the Islamic victory upon today, many plots was planed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, such as the military coup, war, economic sanctions have been imposed, but nonetheless, the Iranian nation in terms of science, politics and military has the number one power in the region. Where as, we see on the other side those who surrender to the will of America has not benefited anything. For example, if we look at a Saudi Arabia we can witness poverty and underdevelopment of their rural villages, whereas our villages are much more prosperous.'

General Secretary of the World Forum for unity of Islamic Schools, also spoke about Turkey and said: 'when the resistant stream of Islamic Republic of Iran was established to the opposition of West, West started to think of creating an Islamist to oppose Iran and formed the Turkish Islamist's appearance as a model with an empty Islam within'. 

He added: 'at the latest years, West have tried the Islamist movements in the region, especially to tie North Africa and Turkey, with the intention to improve the Turkey's economics, so the substantial investments in Turkey began so they would role model the Islamist regime in the region.

Ayatollah Araki continued to emphasise, that the work of unity is a religious obligation and stated: 'if we become different and start a war, we will demolish the name of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Holy Quran, and thus destroy the Islamic identity'. 

He mentioned that prophets progeny have lived with Sunnis, so we should role model their behaviour, and stated: 'that reasoning and religion says that if Shias do something to cause the differences and upset Sunnies, will definitely upset the holy Imams (AS) and is far from their teaching. Definitely on the other side, if Sunnies do something to harm Shias the holy Prophet (PBUH) will be unsatisfied'. 

General Secretary, announced we Muslims should not make something to make the enemies happy and said: 'provoking the differences, will make the enemies happy because provoking problems will weaken us and as a result, enemies will be able to dominate us'.

In conclusion, he stressed: 'what makes the Prophet (pbuh) happy is the unity of Muslims and what makes the Prophet (pbuh) upset is the division'.

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