32th International Islamic Unity Conference

24-26 NOVEMBER , 2018

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2015/12/27 09:09

Hamdia Effort Committee

In this committee Ayatollah Araki, General Secretary of the World Forum for Unity of Islamic Schools was the chairmen of the committee and Mr. Sheikh Abdul Nasser Al­Dawa Al dean ­ Lebanon, was the vice chair.

2015/01/08 08:37

Media Committee

This Committe consists of the worlds lecturers and members of news media.

On the first day of the conference, Students and Youth Committee had their meeting.They stared their discussion regarding Palestine form different angles. They stated, West is not aiming for Palestine only rather all the Islamic society, but has only started from Palestine, so it will not end there, therefore Muslims have to unite to put an end to them.

Chairman of the Committee: Mr. Yousef Bassam, EU students - Lebanon. Vice-Chairman: Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Sheikh Idris, EU students - Sudan. Session Chair: Mr. Atai - Iran

Chairman of the Committee: Dr. Shahin Shayan Arani, economic adviser in banking. Vice-Chairman: Mr. Abouzar Sarraj, a prominent British businessmen. Session Chair: Dr. MR burlap, General Director of the Islamic stands